When the Earth was young, long before the plates had separated, before Atlantis and Mu sank, alien intelligences of incomprehensible power were cast from their home worlds and imprisoned across space by unknown forces. At least five of these entities are imprisoned here on Earth, waiting for the alignment of certain heavenly bodies, for some tectonic upheaval, or for the fumbling explorations of humanity to free them. So say the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Lin Carter, Brian Lumley, and ot hers, at any rate.
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Congratulations to "Gracie McBobbin" of Serpent's Holler, Texas for winning our "Name the Monsters" contest, and to Jess Menton of Portland Oregon for getting unspeakably close and snagging the runner-up package.

All artwork displayed in this gallery is exclusive property of A.S. Koi, c. 2012.
Please do not reproduce in any format without proper permission and credit.

Note to social crusaders & scholars alike: "Questionable content" in the works where the inspiration for these pieces originated is addressed in the exhibit's official literature. In order for that literature to be published, since it contains "spoilers" as it were, someone must win the contest first. Cool your jets, hold your horses, go have a latte, chillax. Thank you.

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