Recycled Friends
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All artwork displayed in this gallery is exclusive property of A.S. Koi, c. 2009.
Please do not reproduce in any format without proper permission and credit.

Artist's Statement

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A Quick Note About The Creatures Used In These Artworks

In general, when sculpting with found objects and so on, I use only specimens or portions of specimens which I know to have expired from natural or accidental causes. This is not the case with the frogs used in my Recycled Friends series. These frogs were killed apparently for a lab supply company or some kind of "medicine", soaked in formaldehyde, and shrinkwrapped in bags. A friend of mine ended up with some of these bags through a "weird shit through the mail" trade BBS and passed one bag on to me. I felt very bad for the frogs and their unjust deaths, so I sought to give them "new life" - or at least a chance to "speak" - in whimsically morbid memorials. I do not advocate animal abuse or cruelty for the sake of anyone's "entertainment". Just so we're clear on that. Thanks.
- A. S. Koi, 04/15/07