I know the depths

"Sage of the Deep", A.S. Koi
Acrylic on canvas, sold so fast I cannot recall the dimensions, 2012
Shraanu was the eldest and wisest of the Nautilus clan. He had seen many friends hauled from the Great Home by the air-breathing monsters. Many Hellmites came to visit him for wisdom and cautionary tales...

[The Hellmites are a series of paintings depicting various members of a fictitious species of ammonites that evolved intelligence, sharing the earth with humans in secret in the darkest depths of the seas. Nautiluses however are a species in the real world currently at risk. Please see Save the Nautilus for more information.]

Original in private collection. More nautiluses to be come; they will be auctioned on my Ebay store on behalf of savethenautilus.com; my Ebay ID is "mercarts", thank you. Please don't support trade in nautilus shells!

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