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Find us out in person and get your hands on one of a kind items! Force us to sign stuff! Engage with our multi-function mutant baby pieces and wonder WTF is wrong with us!!
(Updated 02/10/18)


Where we plan to be:

Always:A selection of replica skull necklaces can be found at Burial Grounds Coffee in Olympia WA.
Get an amusingly named latte, snack on vegan pastries, play some games. Cultcha!

March 1-4, Seattle WA, Emerald City Comicon booth #644 in the Exhibit Hall ["Sales Floor"] with TM Originals

March 30-April 1, Seattle, WA, Sakura Con

May 4-6, Seatac, WA, Crypticon! with TM Originals


If you have some interest in contacting us for vending, decorating, or loaning props to your event,
or if you would like to feature some work belonging to one of our artists in a show or an online gallery,
please contact The Agent: ann@moritoriumREMOVETHIS.com

Links & Special Thanks to our friends, supporters, and the stores that stock our merchandise!

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A little history: "Hotel 23" is what Koi used to call the townhouse where the original Catalyst Studios openings and private parties were thrown.
Now you know why this page isn't called "events.html" or something.