In addition, Catalyst Studios would like to cordially thank the following:

Shops and Venues:

Aurafice Internet Cafe on Pine Street (Seattle, Wa)
The Boneroom San Diego's finest vendors of dead stuff!
Gargoyles Statuary on University Way, Seattle, Wa
Pagan Publishing

External Projects In Which We Have Meddled:

Unhallowed Metropolis The roleplaying game of dark future Victoriana and 'Gas Mask Chic'!


Meltdown Magazine UK
Wicked Aubergine
Flames Rising webzine


Apocalypse Theatre
Day 44

Photographers, Promoters, Publishers, and Collectives: 

Dark Lantern
Josie Nutter and the Net.Goth's Guide to Moving to Seattle
Gothic Royalty - Keeping the oldschool nightmare alive!
H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and Andrew Migliore
Hypnox Photography warning: some adult/graphic content!
Pain and Greed/Voltage
The Resurrectionist cast and crew, and Overlord Productions.
Sebastian Dela Osa, photographer
Sigh Co. Effed up shirts for effed up people!

Other Artists, Kindred Spirits, and Visionaries

Eerie Art Lisa Mei Ling Fong's "introversion boxes".
Elapsed Epoch The stunning nature and cosmic photography of Ephraim Peniston.
Goblin Art and the fabulous Monica Roxburgh
Jessixa Grilihas, an awesome cartoonist. Bug her to put more stuff up!
Kelly Moore Self taught painter.
Morbid Tendencies Cat Lewis and a bunch of bunnies.
Spears of Shiva Online gallery of abstract painting & collage by Emma.
Trevor Paglen Installation and project art examining the military industrial complex - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by A.S.Koi! - An Art Directory

The Catalyst Studios Livejournal serves as our update section. Our Ebay auctions and new products will be announced there.

People with no websites that I have to thank or mention:

Janet Ashman (serial killer blues; played one of our events)
Dirk Park (photographer)
Eos Press and The Dreaming Comics (Seattle WA)
Craig Hudnofsky (photographer)
Kim Graham & Pygmalion Studios (mould facilities)
Katrina Santore (photographer)
Mindy Schueller (photographer)
Ken Wagner (photographer)
Apocalypse Tattoo on Olive (Capitol Hill, Seattle, Wa)

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