Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 03/20/2015

Q: Do you guys take credit cards?
A: We do, via Paypal or Square.

Q: Where is your manufacturing facility? Can I tour it?
A: The Fictional Enterprises/Catalyst Studios main office is in Olympia, WA, and is tourable by appointment only. The open hours are 12 pm - 8 pm Tues - Sat *unless Koi is at an out of state trade show* (check here for details.)

Q: Do you guys have a real store?
A: Many of our more popular items can be purchased along with original art at the offices. It is recommended that if you are after a specific item, you contact us in advance of showing up, especially if you are planning to travel far. Some items need to be made to order or brought from the private home of a member in another town..

Q: Can I have a print catalog?
A: Not right now.

Q: Can you do custom props for my independent film/nightclub event?
A: Sure. Fees are negotiable but not negligible. Our time costs us money if nothing else; we do sometimes barter but there are more than one of us and some overhead to running the studio itself. Among other things, we have built some props used at a Death in June show, for the film "The Resurrectionist", and built a complex backdrop for Murder of Crows when they were still together. Email ann at moritorium dot com for more information/proposals/availability.

Q: I want to buy something from the current Burial Grounds show and did not bring enough cash to the shop! I don't want someone else to buy it before I can!
A: Items cannot be reserved without a payment, but if you leave a phone number or email with the barista, Koi will contact you ASAP. You can also message us via the Facebook pages and arrange a digital payment.

Q: Do you still carry Jason Soles' artwork?
A: Some of Soles' works are brokered through Koi, most are through Soles. He has his own Etsy page also.

Q: What do you use to recover the books?
A: Plastics, caseins, and patience. It takes hours and can be vastly destructive. You should see the carpet. Oh wait. THAT'S NOT A CARPET. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr- *gargle*

Q: Will you cover my book?
A: Yes, but it has to be a hardcover book, and you have to be willing to cover the shipping both ways as well as our fee - its usually about 80-100 US $ for a largish (RPG Book sized) cover; this varies by complexity and size. Send serious inquiries on this topic to ann at moritorium dot com.

Q: Are those REAL fetus skulls?
A: Real bone is too brittle and light for production work. We employ urethane instead. REAL fetus skulls are astronomically expensive. The fetus, much like the fox, badger, duck and many other critters we use, was originally cast from something that at one time unknown and unexperienced by us, had a heartbeat. Some of our skulls were cast from A. Koi's sculpted originals.

Q: Do you guys ever use real bone?
A: Yes. We all have and will probably continue to use real animal bones, and other animal items, in our original pieces. Fimbulwinter's frame, for example, is composed almost entirely of teeth from roadkill. We are firm believers in recycling; we do NOT believe in killing or injuring any living being other than ourselves for the sake of art.

Q: I have a neat real skull that needs repairs. Can Koi reconstruct it?
A: Only if it is one you can and should legally possess, but usually yes, Koi can repair/reconstruct teeth, eyesockets, etc depending on the age of the piece and extent of damage.

Q: Can I get one of those fancy frames Koi makes custom for a piece/painting/mirror/drawing/etc I already have?
A: Quite probably. Write to Koi directly at ann at moritorium dot com. Include a description of the precise dimensions and composition of the object to be framed; the less description of what you want the frame to look like, the more interesting your finished frame will be IF THE OBJECT CAN EVEN BE FRAMED. Koi does not cut mats or glass. The fancier and larger the frame, the higher the cost estimate will be, and a down payment is mandatory. Down payments are not refundable should the commissioner flake, so please consider the estimate seriously before proceeding.

Q: I heard this rumor Koi uses blood in paintings. Is that true?
A: Yes. Usually their own. See "Recognition" for a severe example.

Q: Um, WHY?
A: In Koi's own words, "It is my genetic signature." If you want to discuss the occult significance of blood as a medium, please contact us via email with the name of the publication to which you are connected clearly stated, a valid daytime phone number, and expect up to three weeks for a response. Unsigned or misspelled emails will be ignored and deleted.

Q: Can I redesign your website?
A: Nah. Sorry.

Q: Are you looking for more artists?
A: Not exactly. We may be looking for a production assistant/apprentice caster; if that person happens to be an artist all the better. Work is on a volunteer basis, compensated in trade of merchandise or web hosting. Submit letter of interest - and portfolio if available - to ann at moritorium dot com.

Please direct all other questions to ann at and we will get back to you as time permits.

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