Jason Soles is a sculptor obsessed with antiquity and the passage of time. Creating the artifacts of fantastical civilizations, Soles explores custom, belief, and the primal. His work spans the gamut from pharaonic funeral masks of unknowable space gods to the tactile remains of pre-Christian myth. Whether the subject matter is eerily humorous or starkly reverent, each piece tells a complex and nuanced story.

Working in a variety of materials, Soles has developed two distinct approaches to sculpting. His one-of-a-kind works utilize bone, metal, found object, and anatomical models. His reproducible works are painstakingly sculpted in wax-based clay and cast in polyurethane resins. For Soles, the act of sculpting is largely meditative, the actual creative process taking place in a burst of inspiration before beginning the work itself.

Soles was born in Spokane, Washington in 1973. He completed a BA from The Evergreen State College with a focus on script writing and film production. A largely self-taught artist, Soles fostered an interest in sculpture while fabricating props for his various film projects. Soles participated in his first arts exhibition in 1999, the same year he co-founded the Seattle-based dark arts collective Catalyst Studios with visionary painter Ann Koi. Since then, Soles has participated in more than twenty art exhibitions, including the 2004 Raw Arts Festival in London.

Jason is a busy person; if you need to contact him with a proposal or wish to send compliments, please send it to the Catalyst artists' agent at deathmerchant @ moritorium . com and remove the spaces. Please help reduce spam.

Photos by Tricia ("Walter" by fetuz), Paul Marcontell, and self-portrait, respectively.