Catalyst Studios History


All locations in Seattle, WA unless otherwise specified
All members at time involved if not otherwise indicated

Monster Art and Clothing. Seattle, WA. Works by Ann Koi shown December, 2011.
Burial Grounds Coffee, Olympia WA. Ann Koi solo show. 2010.
Antebellum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Koi piece featured in macabre erotic group show. October 2009
Brotherhood of the Sun. Ann Koi solo at Catalyst Studios gallery, Tacoma Arts Collective, Tacoma WA. August 2009.
Arcanum. Ann Koi solo show at Starfish (619 Western, Pioneer Square, Seattle WA). August, 2008.
Forgotten Works Challenge. Ann Koi showed among 30 some artists who also completed 30 8x10 2D works in 30 days. GalleryOK, Pioneer Square, Seattle WA. December 2007.
Recent Visions. Ann Koi solo showing of newest large painted works at Pandemos Salon, Capital Hill, Seattle, WA. November 2007
Original Face Show. Ann Koi included in themed group showing at MicroCoSM, New York, NY. Summer 2007.
People's Republic of Cascadia Dark Arts Show. Ann Koi & Jason Soles featured among other artists in themed event. Mnemonic Gallery, Pioneer Square, Seattle WA. May 2007.
Sake. Ann Koi featured in group (erotic art) showing at Mnemonic Gallery, Pioneer Square, Seattle WA. April 2007.
Imagery May Be Triggering. Koi solo work. Infohazard Gallery Seattle WA. July 2005.
273 Days Later. Group show. Aurafice, October 2005
Infohazard, Ann Koi solo show, July 2005
World Horror Con. Koi and Soles. New York City, April, 2005.
Raw Arts Festival. Koi and Soles. Candid Arts Gallery, London, UK, August 2004.
Cornish College of the Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts Show. Thesis exhibit (Koi, BFA) Trick & Murray Building, Seattle WA, April 2004.
Watery Graves. Aurafice, 2003
Puzzles with Sharp Edges. Koi solo work. Aurafice 2003
Norwescon Art Show. Awards (Soles) Seatac, April 2002
Ringcon Art Show. Awards (Soles and Koi) February 2002
Xenophobia. Aurafice 2001
World Horror Con Art Show. 2000
XIII. Aurafice, October 2000
Aurafice Anniversary Art Show. Bad Juju, August 2000
Convergence VI Art Show. May 2000
Ill Omens. Aurafice, May 2000
Norwescon Art Show. (Movish wins honorable mention) Seatac, March 2000
Carnival Macabre, (New Years Eve 2000) Mercury
Salon du Charnier. Aurafice, 1999

Freelance Art

Stage design and construction. Murder of Crows. 1999
Designed and sculpted prop Jack in the Box for WOTC Ravenloft LARP (Soles) 1999
Designed window display for Apocalypse Hardware, boutique. 2000
Design and sculpt skulls for Green Ronin Press Legions of Hell. (Soles) 2000
Sculpt cover and interiors for WOTC D20 Call of Cthulhu. (Soles and Koi) 2000
Design and sculpt prop book for film, Picture in the House by Matt Grau. (Soles) 2000
Sculpt covers for 2 books as prizes for Seattle Barnes & Noble Horror Writers Association. 2000
Design and sculpt statue for back cover of Hobgoblynn Press Valley of Shadow. (Soles) 2000
Interior illustrations for Unknown Armies 2nd Ed. (Koi) 2001
Props, costume, set design for The Resurrectionist. (Soles and Koi) 2002
Stage For Death in June. Catwalk, November 2002
Sculpt and weld Iron Lich sculpture for Privateer Press. (Fetuz, with assistance from Sugier and Soles) 2003
Design and sculpt interior piece for Privateer Press' Iron Kingdom Campaign Guide. (Soles) 2003
Design and sculpt interior pieces for Valar Publishings D20 Book of Fantasy Erotica. (Soles and Koi) 2003
Four unique trophies for Wizards of the Coast's CCG "Hecatomb", based on card art. (Koi) 2005

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