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II. Ecology of the Star Angels

Star angels choose their own gender at will, being semi-malleable hermaphrodites. Somewhat similar to the wrasse fish and some species of frogs, they will convert their gender as necessary to propagate the species.

The limit of organ and limb formation and emulation for the creatures is unknown, but they seem to be able to reproduce with any carbon based life form. While their female forms seem far better suited to carrying their (usually viable) hybrids, they have shown a preference for taking male forms to distribute their genes through females of other species. This is somewhat unfortunate, as the hybrid embryo feeds at a somewhat accelerated rate and may exhaust the resources of the host before birth. In spite of this, natural birth with both surviving has occurred. Evidence of their obsessive interference (apparently driven by curiosity) appears throughout the universe.

The painting Phoenix depicts an angel undergoing a gender shift to nurse the child his human lover expired bearing.

Children resulting from these unions are always fully sentient (regardless of the parent "ordinary" species), large eyed, possessed of quicker reflexes, always slower to develop (and age) than its peers. Extended dalliance by Star Angels in a given tribe or colony will inevitably produce a new species.

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